Participation guidelines
[Participation guidelines for Buyers]
1. Organizer and other parties
"Organizer" hereunder refers to the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). "The Secretariat" refers to an operator outsourced by the Organizer to plan and operate the VISIT JAPAN Travel Mart 2019 ‐ASEAN・INDIA‐ (hereafter, “VJTM2019 ‐ASEAN・INDIA‐").
2. Intended participants
Buyers to be invited shall be, in principle, travel agencies involving the Visit Japan project, which engage in development and sale of products for traveling to Japan or plan to do so in the Southeast Asian (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines) and Indian markets. Their selection and authorization are to be made by Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO).
3. Conditions for participation
1. As a rule, eligible participants must be able to join in all the business meeting, Networking Reception and familiarization trip to be held during the period of the main event. Participants must hold their business meetings according to the predetermined appointment schedule.
2. All participants must join the official events to be held during the period of the main event. During those hours, no one may leave the specified hall or facilities without the consent of the Organizer.
3. Participants must enter Japan and return home according to the official schedule.
4. Participants shall cooperate in responding to all of questionnaires on the content of VJTM2019 ‐ASEAN・INDIA‐ (business meeting, Networking Reception and familiarization trip)
4. Application and registration
An applicant must apply for registration using the 'Application for Buyer Registration' on the official website of VJTM2019 ‐ASEAN・INDIA‐.
5. Cancellation of registration
Note the organizer have the right to cancel your registration even after being approved in case the organizer considers your participation to be inappropriate due to false descriptions on your application form, or if you fail to comply with the rules stipulated by the organizer.
6. Deadline for applications
All signing-in applications must be submitted by 17:00 (JST), Friday, October 25, 2019. The reception desk for such applications may be closed before the specified deadline if the number of applications submitted reaches our capacity. However, note that the signing-in period may be extended in case any vacancies remain after the deadline.
7. Cancellation of participation and withdrawal during the event
1) The cancellation of participation (including the reason) after approval must be reported in writing (and may be e-mailed) to the Organizer and the Secretariat without exception.
2) Leaving familiarization trip, business meeting or official event before it ends is not permitted.
8. Penalties
Participants shall lose eligibility to attend VJTM2019 ‐ASEAN・INDIA‐ from the next time forward and be liable for penalty charges, if they are judged to fall under the following:
- If they are passive in or fail to do a series of work to decide the schedule of business meetings according to prior appointments.
- If they are absent, without approval, from official events or business meeting in which they are indicated to participate during the period.
- If they change the schedule of a business meeting decided according to the prior appointment without consultation with the organizer and performed the business meeting.
- If they cancel their participation after fixing the schedule of business meetings or fail to perform the business meeting according to the prior appointment.
Furthermore, participants shall be obliged to pay any cancellation and change charge, etc., which are incurred due to the cancellation or a change of participant after their tickets have been issued.
- If the organization and / or the secretariat deems a person to be an inappropriate participant in VJTM2019 ‐ASEAN・INDIA‐.
9. Obligation to cooperate in surveys
All participants shall cooperate with the Organizer in responding to questionnaires and surveys to measure results for the purpose of improving VJTM2019 ‐ASEAN・INDIA‐.
10. Right of publicity
All participants must permit the Organizer to use their right of publicity associated with photographic records and videos of the official events (including familiarization trips) in the following forms during VJTM2019 ‐ASEAN・INDIA‐.
* Reports of the event on the official website of VJTM2019 ‐ASEAN・INDIA‐ and in print media
* On the official website of Travel Mart for the next and following years, and in various printed materials
* On other websites and in various printed materials concerning similar events determined by the Organizer
* Each such publication by domestic and international media interview.
11. Liabilities of the Organizer and the Secretariat
1. The Organizer and the Secretariat shall not be liable for any damage incurred by participants due to the cancelation, early closing or postponement of this VJTM2019 ‐ASEAN・INDIA‐, relocation of the venue, or any other change as deemed necessary and implemented regardless of reason in the interest of the participants.
2. The Organizer and the Secretariat shall not be liable for any accident or damage sustained by the participants, their employees or agents, the general public, or any third party due to a fire, natural disaster, theft, or any other cause.
3. The Organizer and the Secretariat shall not be liable for any damage caused to the structures or facilities of this VJTM2019 ‐ASEAN・INDIA‐ due to negligence of the participants or their employees or agents, or any other reason.
4. The Organizer and the Secretariat shall not be liable for any accidental writing errors in the guidebook of this VJTM2019 ‐ASEAN・INDIA‐ or in any other promotional materials.
5. The Organizer and the Secretariat shall not be liable for any property damage incurred by participants, any loss of goods during transport, and the cost of transportation. Participants shall be responsible for any damage caused to their own goods due to improper packing or any other reason, or the non-arrival of their goods or other materials for exhibition.
12. Observation of other laws and relevant regulations applicable in Japan
Participants must comply with the relevant laws applicable in Japan, safety regulations applicable to the present VJTM2019 ‐ASEAN・INDIA‐ halls, the relevant provisions of the Fire Service Act, and other relevant laws and regulations.
13. Rejection of participation
The Organizer reserves the right to reject the participation of an applicant in this VJTM2019 ‐ASEAN・INDIA‐ and eliminate said applicant’s application regardless of reason, in case the applicant violates any of these rules or has a very low number of appointments registered in advance.
14. Changes and additions made to these rules
Any matter not covered by these rules or any doubt arising from the provisions of these rules shall be resolved by the participants, Organizer, and Secretariat in good faith. All parties must ultimately follow the decision rendered by the Organizer. The Organizer may revise or add a provision to these rules after notifying the participants, if such a change is deemed necessary for the purpose of this VJTM2019 ‐ASEAN・INDIA‐. The participants must be aware of the latest version of the rules as notified by the Organizer or posted on the official website.
15. Settlement of a dispute
Any dispute arising from these rules shall be brought before the Tokyo District Court of Japan. If, however, the parties to the dispute agree to settlement by arbitration and have appointed an arbitrator, the dispute will be settled as decided by the arbitrator.


[Expenses borne by the Organizer]
1. International air ticket
Round-trip economy-class air tickets between the location of the Secretariat in Japan and the places of participants’ departure.
*Including domestic air ticket from/to participants’ nearest airport.
*Domestic airports to be used by the participants will be designated by the Secretariat according to the conditions of the international air tickets.
2. Domestic air tickets
Domestic air tickets are included in arrangements of the familiarization trip.
3. Accommodations
Rooms for 3 nights during the period of the business meeting.
Rooms for 3 nights during the familiarization trip.
4. Meals
All breakfast, lunch and dinner during the period
* Including boxed meals, meal coupons and meals provided at a Official Reception.
5. Transportation
All transportation during the official event from arrival at the airport in Japan (excluding transportation for personal use).
6. Visa fees
Expenses to obtain a visa for Japan (application fees).
*The organizer will prepare documents on visa application (Invitation and Guarantee Letter) and send them to the participants.
*Portable Wi-Fi router will be provided during the familiarization trip.
7. Inbound travel insurance
Travel accident insurance for the period from leaving the participant’s point of departure to departure from Japan (available only during this event)
8. Miscellaneous
For print materials collected in the business meeting or familiarization trip, international free mail delivery is offered.
*One package up to 10 kg for each company.
*If a package exceeds the weight limit, the participant shall bare the additional charges.
Wi-fi router will be equipped during the official schedule in Japan.
The Organizer shall not pay the following expenses. Participants also shall bare any other additional fees or personal expenses.
[Expenses borne by the participants]
1. Personal expenses
Phone, FAX, room service, laundry, additional food and drinks, etc.
Excess baggage fees incurred during boarding
2. Transportation and other extra cost caused by personal reason
Domestic transportation fees between participant’s residence / point of origin, etc. and the embarking / disembarking airport)
3. Transportation
Domestic transportation fee between participant’s origin point of departure and the embark / disembark airport.


The following hotel is between the day before the first day and the final day of the business meeting. [check-in on Nov. 26 (Tue) and check-out on Nov. 29 (Fri). 2019]

* Lodging during a familiarization trip varies depending on the course you choose to participate in.

Centrair Hotel
1-1 Centrair, Tokoname, Aichi-ken, 479-0881, Japan
Tel: +81-569-38-1111

* The accommodation above include breakfast.


Familiarization trip
CountryFamiliarization trip
ThailandFukui / Ishikawa / Toyama Course
SingaporeMie / Aichi Course
MalaysiaNagano / Niigata Course
IndonesiaAichi / Gifu Course
VietnamGifu / Aichi Course
PhilippinesShizuoka / Aichi Course
IndiaMie / Aichi Course